A non-profit should be run like a business with a CEO that implements the needed business practices and respects and carries out the culture and identity of the non-profit. The most valued and meaningful commitment and contribution that an individual can make is their support for a non-profit via a donation or membership. WSS takes that as an oath – do the most that can possibly be done with each and every membership dollar.

We offer superior executive and association management services. With nearly a decade of experience, we understand the needs and goals of our clients. Our team is driven to produce results and will coordinate action with your association every step of the way. Our expertise has helped clients recruit new members, retain current members and increase the visibility of our clients association amongst their peers within related industries.

It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that every client is unique – therefore, we will dive deep with you in order to understand what your needs are and how we can achieve them. With a talented and dedicated team, we add a personal touch that is unmatched by any firm.


Strategic Planning

Support the Board of Directors, staff, and members in planning, organizing, staffing, and managing associations.

Member Recruitment

Engage Board of Directors, elected officials, and committee leaders in the advancement of member recruitment and retention.

Administrative Support

Manage correspondence files, including notifying members of association matters, meetings, and proposed amendments.

Records Management

Record notes of Board of Director calls, annual meetings, and other such meetings as needed.

Database Management

Coordinate with professional staff to ensure superior membership database management.

Newsletter Coordination

Provide and steward all supplies, including periodic electronic newsletters.

Website Maintenance

Create, update, and manage web content for association websites.

Content Management

Oversee writers and contributors to association websites.

Membership Coordination

Manage and update association membership databases.